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May 17, 2013 5:30pm PDT
before congress today. members of congress have accused steven miller of misleading them, so the house ways and means committee took the unusual step of putting him under oath, meaning that he would risk perjury charges if he were caught in a lie. nancy cordes is on capitol hill. >> nothing but the truth, so help you god. >> i do. >> i do. >> reporter: wearing a look like he knew what he was in for, the head of the i.r.s. started with an following. >> i think that what happened here was that foolish mistakes were made by people trying to be more efficient in their workload selection. >> reporter: and then steven miller settled in for a four- hour barrage of bipartisan disgust. new york democrat charles rangel. >> how far did this cancer go? how quickly can we cut it out? >> reporter: lawmakers were furious with miller who they say spent the past year denying that tea party groups had been singled out for extra scrutiny when they applied for tax-exempt status. wisconsin republican paul ryan. >> how was that not misleading this committee? you knew the targets was taking place. you knew t
May 17, 2013 5:30pm PDT
and provided few answers. the house committee made steven miller testify under oath. >> nothing but the truth so help you god. >> i do. >> reporter: claiming he and his agency misled congress in not revealing for the last year that tea party and other conservative groups applying for tax exempt status had been targeted for extra scrutiny. >> why did you mislead congress and the american people on this? >> mr. chairman, i did not mislead congress nor the american people. i answered the questions as they were asked. >> who is responsible for targeting these groups? >> i'm going to take exception to the concept of targeting. it's a loaded term. >> reporter: miller said groups with tea party or patriot names were improperly singled out as a bureaucratic shortcut not out of partisanship. >> we provided horrible customer service here. i will admit that. we did. horrible -- but politically motivated is a different question. >> reporter: republicans didn't buy it. >> if the targeting wasn't targeting. if the targeting wasn't based on philosophy, how come only conservatives got snagged? >> they didn't
May 18, 2013 7:00am EDT
ourn example of government works. host: outgoing acting irs commissioner steven miller was questioned yesterday in front of the house ways and means committee. representative joseph crowley responded to german camps opening statement -- chairman camp's opening statement. [video clip] >> i would daresay in the prior administration by mr. shulman and mr. emerson that there was targeting of political entities as well. that past and on both sides. the president has been very forthright and -- very forthright in strongly condemning that kind of action. the chairman and my colleagues, let us get the answers. we can draw our own conclusions. host: we are talking about the ira's case. it was the subject of the house ways and means hearing yesterday on capitol hill. another headline from "the wall will read you a puppet of that in eight seconds. gene from detroit, miss it can -- rom detroit, michigan caller: this seems people ignore the fact that the irs latta says -- the irs law says no -- the 501(c)4 should be exclusively for social programs. it was under eisenhower that one of the commissio
May 18, 2013 7:00am EDT
overshadow the fireworks on capitol hill friday. when acting irs commissioner steven miller, who tendered his resignation earlier this week, testified. >> we centralized cases based on political activity. >> reporter: he apologized that groups had been targeted for extra scrutiny. the tactic was a foolish mistake, miller said, but not a case of politics. >> why did you mislead congress and the american people on this? >> mr. chairman, i did not mislead congress nor the american people. ed questnss theyd. >> reporter: this after the white house trying to tamp down criticism over the response to the benghazi attack, released 100 pages of e-mails and notes on wednesday. and the president came under fire this week for the justice department's widely criticized seizure of journalist phone records. >> how do you feel about comparisons of your critic's comparisons of this week's scandals to nixon? >> reporter: the scandals could threaten the second-term agenda. >> a relatively limited window to get things done, and this is eating into it. >> reporter: the irs controversy could have the most staying
May 19, 2013 8:00am EDT
of responsibility over these actions. >> the outgoing i.r.s. acting commissioner, steven miller, pushed out because of the scandal called ingram a, quote, suburb civil service. >> a new federal report shows inmates in several jails across the country face the highest abuse of abuse at the hands of guards. now to some of the stories expected to make headlines in the week ahead. it's a big week for the kid in all of us as microsoft is set to unveil the future of gaming while disney prepares to rock and roller coaster all night long. here's those stories and more. >> monday's ireland's prime minister is delivering the commencement speech at boston college's graduation. cardinal shaun o'malley says he'll boycott the ceremony because of the prime minister's support for pro abortion rights in ireland. and florida governor rick scott is going to keynote the annual party in florida. n florida. wednesday, releaese witherspoon heads to court. she faces disorderly conduct charges for allegedly talking back to officers during her husband's d.u.i. arrest in atlanta. she was in town working on the indy drama, "t
May 16, 2013 12:00pm EDT
called for the immediate resignation of acting i.r.s. commissioner steven miller in light of the i.r.s.'s admission that it targeted conservative groups for inappropriate scrutiny. while i was willing to give mr. miller and other i.r.s. officials the benefit of the doubt until the facts were in, the treasury inspector general report released on tuesday has erased any doubts as to the severity of the misconduct and blatant incompetence in dealing with it at the highest levels of the i.r.s. i'm pleased that president obama chose to heed the call that i made and others as well by dismissing mr. miller last nig night. this is a necessary step but only a first step toward restoring the credibility and the integrity of the i.r.s. this scandal is much larger than any one official within the i.r.s. any government official who knew about the misconduct within the i.r.s. and decided not to make this information public should be held accountable. no american taxpayer should ever have to worry that a group they belong to or a view that they espouse will subject them to less favorable tax treat
May 17, 2013 1:00pm PDT
irs head steven miller, who told lawmakers in his opening testimony that the lists made of conservative groups were made to cut corners, not to punish tea partyers. >> i think that what happened here was that foolish mistakes were made by people trying to be more efficient in their workload selection. the listing described in the report, while intolerable, was a mistake and not an act of partisanship. >> but some lawmakers were scarcely satisfied with that response. >> you didn't mention targeting based on ideology. you didn't mention targeting based on buzzwords like tea party or patriots orรง 9/12. you knew that but didn't mention that to the committee. do you not think that's a very incomplete answer? >> i answered the question truthfully. >> why did you say you have notes if you don't think you have notes? >> sir, please. please. >> do you have notes or don't you have notes? >> i don't know. >> where you're sitting, you should be outraged, but you're not. the american people should be outraged, and they are. >> so with lots of outrage and indignation to go around, q
May 18, 2013 6:00am EDT
questions now after hearing testimony from the ousted i.r.s. chief. steven miller apologized for the agency misconduct. and insisted that agents who gave tougher treatment did not act out of political bias. government leaders were made aware back in june that investigators were looking into the complaint. tea party groups said that they were singled out, but he testified that politics did not motivate their actions either. >>> a charity set up to help the three women freed from a decade of captivity in cleveland, has reached a $1/2 million. the charity, the cleveland courage fund has reached $4,080,000. donations are coming in from 50 states and several foreign countries. it will go into four trust funds for the women. and castro, the man accused of kidnapping and raping them is under suicide watch in jail. >>> new york city artist is under fire this morning from the object of his photo exhibits. he took pictures of the people through their windows of their apartment, like creaming and cleaning and no faces are revealed. the artist is saying raising their curtains, his neighbors were perfor
May 17, 2013 2:00pm EDT
made by the tax agency but they ren't motivated by partisanship. steven miller has resigned and the president has already pointed the -- his replacement. his is three and a half hours. >> the meeting will come to order. on may 10 the director of internal revenue service division that oversees tax exempt group acknowledged that the agency was targeting political leaning organizations. four days later they confirmed hat "the i.r.s. used inappropriate crier the to identify political organizations applying for status." this began as far back as 2010. this goes against the principles of free speech and liberty upon in which this country was founded. the disregard that the agency has treated congress and the american taxpayer raises serious concerns about the leadership at the i.r.s. let's establish what we know. based on the report, we know for n 18-month period i.r.s. employees em employed key words to target applications for tax exempt status. these groups were subjected to further investigations. i.r.s. employees expanded their search to include groups about government spendin
May 17, 2013 12:00pm EDT
and means committee gavels out after four hours hearing from the outgoing, acting irs commissioner steven miller and from russell george, who is the treasury inspect general for tax administration. it is their report the reason behind this hearing today. also additional hearings planned next week in both the house and senate. we're opening up phone lines here on c-span2 to get your reaction to what you heard today. here's paul ryan, the budget committee chairman and a member of ways and means. he spoke earlier today and asked the witnesses questions. here's how to participate. phone lines are open for democrats it is 202-585-3885. for republicans 202-585-3886. all others, 202-585-3776. make sure you mute your television or radio when you call in. want to remind you as well, if you missed the hearing today, it will be on our website at we'll show all of you to you later on c-span beginning at 8:00 p.m. eastern. let's take a look, also remind you to check facebook as well. i did want to point out the treasury inspector general report before we get to that first call. we have lin
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May 17, 2013 3:00am PDT
's agenda. bill: the president has shown the acting chief, steven miller, out the door. he is here today. we will hear from him. he was retiring in a few weeks
May 16, 2013 10:00am EDT
more about the resignation yesterday of i.r.s. acting commissioner steven miller in response to the news that i.r.s. officials targeted certain conservative groups. we'll have live coverage of the news conference from the white house on c-span3. yerl this morning michelle bachmann, who chairs the tea party caucus in the house, and other republican members and representatives of tea party groups across the country held a news conference on capitol hill to discuss the i.r.s. targeting. ere it is. >> thank you, everyone, for being here. my name is michelle bachmann, i'm a member of congress from minnesota's sixth congressional district. i'm also the chairman of the tea party caucus in the house of representatives and a former federal tax litigation attorney for the i.r.s., as well as the author of the bill to repeal obamacare. this is a momentous day. one week ago today we held a hearing in the house of representatives on benghazi. questions were asked one week ago today. where decisions made about rescuing americans in benghazi based upon political consideration. one week ago t
May 16, 2013 8:00pm EDT
by getting rid of mr. steven miller of the irs. we find out mr. miller was scheduled to resign anyway and leave the irs as the early part of june. again, the american people have not been told the truth. what did the white house know and when did he know it? we will open up to questions. >> any legislation planned to address this? >> right now we will have hearings. various chairs have indicated that. but there is legislation. ever presented from ohio was to put in criminal penalties for those who abuse -- because of the very sensitive nature, it is wrong for the irs to misuse personal tax data. we have very strict requirements that we could not act without the area of jurisdiction. we have very thick manuals for standard operating procedures. we had to check every box. it did not matter if you are an attorney or in a field or in collections or if you were writing the notices of deficiency. it did not matter. your work product was checked by your supervisor and you could not ask beyond your jurisdiction. reporter: [inaudible] >> what was asked was, do you have any reason to believe th
May 14, 2013 12:00pm EDT
, steven miller, to resign. if it -- if it is true what currently appears to be true, that mr. miller willfully misled congress when inquiries were made earlier about this sort of scandalous political activity, he should resign today. furthermore, i'm encouraged actually by chairman max baucus of the senate finance committee and senator orrin hatch, who said that they believe it's important for the finance committee, as the appropriate standing committee of the senate with jurisdiction over the internal revenue service, to conduct an investigation. and i hope that the first witness they will call is the treasury secretary, jack lew, who's the boss of the i.r.s. or overseer of the i.r.s. mr. miller's direct reporting boss. i -- i look forward to a thorough bipartisan investigation that will deliver justice to these government officials who betrayed the american people in such a shameful and egregious manner. mr. president, i yield the floor. the presiding officer: the senator from vermont. mr. sanders: mr. president, i would like to call up amendment number 889. the presiding officer:
May 17, 2013 7:00am PDT
responsible may have gotten a promotion. >> let me ask you this. steven miller, the ousted head of the irs will testify on capitol hill today. what would you ask him? >> i would ask what he knew and when he knew it and try to figure out -- in fact he may have been the fall guy. i would want to know where did this policy start? who talked about it first? how did it grow inside the organization? and i'd like to know who he spoke with in the administration? who else outside of the irs knew about this? the first story from the white house was this is just a field office in cincinnati, a bunch of low-level employees. we found out later, that ub just wasn't true. >> during the press conference, the president supported eric holder the attorney general. is holder's job safe in your opinion? >> it certainly is. the president will stay with eric holder until the end. eric holder has been under attack from the time almost he got sworn in. there's been one republican dust up after another. they demanded his resignation time and time again. you saw him push back on capitol hill, to the chairman of the
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15